The Sword in the Stone

Based on The Sword in the Stone (1939) by T. H. White
Release: 25-Dec-1963
Released on laserdisc 27-Jun-1995

Tape annotation
Disney artistry brings a beloved medieval legend to life with new songs and surprises, and the result is a timeless film that has become a worldwide favourite. A young scullery boy named Wart is taught amazing lessons by the wizard Merlin who turns him into a fish, a bird and a squirrel so that he might understand the mysteries of life. Such lessons help the boy succeed where for centuries thousands of mighty men had failed. Whoever removes a wondrous golden sword embedded in a large stone will be crowned Arthur, King of England! Brilliantly executed and peopled with unforgettable characters, The Sword in the Stone is the best of both worlds: a legend and a Disney Classic!

Sebastian Cabot - Sir Ector, Narrator
Karl Swenson - Merlin
Rickie Sorensen - Wart
Richard Reitherman - Wart
Robert Reitherman - Wart
Ginny Tyler - Girl Squirrel
Norman Alden - Sir Kay
Juniun C. Matthews - Archmiedes
Martha Wentworth - Madam Mim, Granny Squirrel, Scullery Maid
Alan Napier - Sir Pelinore
Barbara Jo Allen - Scullery Maid
Thurl Ravenscroft, Jim Macdonald, Tudor Owen

Song Lyrics
A Most Befuddling Thing
That's What Makes the World Go Round
Higitus Figitus
Mad Madam Mim
The Sword in the Stone

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