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Here is a list of each full length Disney animated feature (classic or not), including some info about its release, cast, song lyrics, a few sample pictures, and probably links

Disney features

"Chronology of Events in the History of Disney" by Ken Polsson
"The Rec.Arts.Disney Cast and Crew files" and other sources
"The Rec.Arts.Disney song lyrics archive" and other sources
The Internet
My own tape collection

Feature TitleRelease
Snow White and Seven Dwarfs (Classics #1)1937/12/21yes9/10noyesno
Pinocchio (Classics #2)1940/02/07yes4/5 noyesno
Fantasia (Classics #3)1940/11/13yes0/0noyesno
The Reluctant Dragon1941/06/20yes0/?noyesno
Dumbo (Classics #4)1941/10/23yes3/4noyesno
Bambi (Classics #5)1942/08/13yes2/2noyesno
Saludos Amigos (Classics #6)1943/02/06yes0/?nonono
Victory Through Air Power1943/07/17yes0/0nonono
The Three Caballeros (Classics #7)1944/02/03yes2/?noyesno
Make Mine Music (Classics #8)1946/04/20yes0/10nonono
Song of the South1946/11/02yes1/2noyesno
Fun and Fancy Free (Classics #9)1947/09/27yes0/?nonono
Melody Time (Classics #10)1948/05/27yes0/6nonono
So Dear to My Heart1949/01/19yes1/3nonono
The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (Classics #11)1949/10/05yes0/4nonono
Cinderella (Classics #12)1950/02/15yes4/6noyesno
Alice in Wonderland (Classics #13)1951/07/28yes2/7yesyesno
Peter Pan (Classics #14)1953/02/05yes3/8noyesno
Lady and the Tramp (Classics #15)1955/06/16yes3/3noyesno
Sleeping Beauty (Classics #16)1959/01/29yes4/4yesyesyes
101 Dalmatians (Classics #17)1961/01/25yes1/2noyesno
The Sword in the Stone (Classics #18)1963/12/25yes5/5nonono
Mary Poppins1964/08/29yes13/16noyesno
The Jungle Book (Classics #19)1967/10/18yes6/6yesyesno
The Aristocats (Classics #20)1970/12/24yes4/4yesyesno
Bedknobs and Broomstick1971/10/07yes0/?noyesno
Robin Hood (Classics #21)1973/11/08yes4/4noyesno
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Classics #22)1977/03/11yes11/11noyesno
The Rescuers (Classics #23)1977/06/22yes4/4noyesno
Pete's Dragon1977/11/03yes3/10nonono
The Fox and the Hound (Classics #24)1981/07/10yes1/4noyesno
The Black Cauldron (Classics #25)1985/07/24yes0/0noyesno
The Great Mouse Detective (Classics #26)1986/07/02yes3/3noyesno
Who Framed Roger Rabbit1988/06/22yes4/4yesyesno
Oliver & Company (Classics #27)1988/11/18yes6/6noyesyes
The Little Mermaid (Classics #28)1989/11/17yes7/7yesyesno
Ducktales-The Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp1990/08/03yes1/1noyesno
The Rescuers Down Under (Classics #29)1990/11/16yes0/0yesnono
Beauty and the Beast (Classics #30)1991/11/22yes6/6yesyesno
Aladdin (Classics #31)1992/11/25yes5/5yesyesyes
The Nightmare Before Christmas1993/10/13yes11/11yesnono
The Lion King (Classics #32)1994/06/24yes8/8yesyesyes
Aladdin II: The Return of Jafar1994/?/? 0/5   
A Goofy Movie1995/04/07yes6/6yesyesyes
Pocahontas (Classics #33)1995/06/23yes8/8noyesno
Toy Story1995/11/22 0/3   
James and the Giant Peach1996/05/25 0/5   
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Classics #34)1996/06/21yes11/12yesyesno
Aladdin and the King of Thieves1996/08/13 0/6   
Gargoyles the movie: Waking of Heroes1996/?/? 0/0   
Mighty Ducks the movie: The First Face-off1997/05/05 0/?   
Hercules (Classics #35)1997/06/27yes7/7yesnono
Pooh's Grand Adventure-The Search for Christopher Robin1997/07/05 0/6   
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas1997/11/11 0/8   
Belle's Magical World1997/?/? 0/2   
Mulan (Classics #36)1998/06/19yes5/5nonono
Journey to the New World1998/08/25 0/?   
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride1998/10/27 0/6   
A Bug's Life1998/11/25 0/?   
Doug's 1st Movie1999/3/26 0/3   
Tarzan (classics #37)1999/6/18 0/5   
Toy Story 21999/11/24 0/1   
Hercules: Zero to Hero1999/?/? 0/?   
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas1999/12/7 0/?   
Fantasia 2000 (classics #38)2000/01/01 0/0   
The Tigger Movie2000/2/11 0/?   
An Extremely Goofy Movie2000/2/29 0/9   
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins2000/8/8 0/1   
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea2000/9/19 0/?   
The Emperor's New Groove (classics #39)2000/12/15 0/?   
Recess: School's Out2001/2/16 0/?   
Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure2001/2/27 0/?   
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (classics #40)2001/05/15 0/?   
Hunchback of Notre Dame II2001/8/28 0/?   
Monsters, Inc.2001/11/2 0/?   
Treasure Planet (classics #41)2002/?/? 0/?   
Lilo and Stitch2002/?/? 0/?   
Finding Nemo2003/?/? 0/?   

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