Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Based on the tale as told by the Brothers Grimm in Kinder und Hausmarchen (1812-15)
Release: 21-Dec-1937
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is Disney's first full-length animated feature film and also is the industry's first full-length animated movie. Premiered at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Hollywood
US$1.5 million were needed to complete the film (and nearly bankrupted the company).
More than US$8 million worth of tickets were sold.
After first six months it grossed US$2 million, At the end of the first run, it grosses US$8.5 million.
In 1939, Walt Disney recieved an Academy Award (Special Award) for screen innovation.
26-Oct-1994, Snow White was released on LaserDisc, for US$30-100.
28-Oct-1994, Snow White was released on videocassette.

Adriana Caselotti - Snow White
Harry Stockwell - Prince
Lucille LaVerne - Queen/Witch
Scotty Mattraw - Bashful
Roy Atwell - Doc
Pinto Colvig - Grumpy, Sleepy
Otis Harlan - Happy
Billy Gilbert - Sneezy
Moroni Olsen - Spirit of the Magic Mirror
Stuart Buchanan (Huntsman)

Song Lyrics
Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (The Washing Song)
One Song
The Silly Song
With a Smile and a Song
Some Day my Prince Will Come
Music in Your Soup
You're Never too Old to be Young
I'm Wishing

Witch at windowsill - production drawing

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