The Rescuers

Release: 22-Jun-1977
This is the last animated film made by the original generation of Disney lead animators.
It grosses US$16.3 million in the domestic market (US), and US$31.2 million in foreign markets.
Released on laserdisc in Sep, 1992

Eva Gabor - Miss Bianca
Bob Newhart - Bernard
Michelle Stacy - Penny
Pat Buttram - Luke
Candy Candido - Nero, Brutus
Larry Clemmons - Gramps
John Fiedler - Owl [Deacon]
Shelby Flint - Opening title song vocals
Joe Flynn - Mr Snoops
Bernard Fox - Chairmouse
Jim Jordan - Orville
George Lindsey - Rabbit [Deadeye]
James [Jim] Macdonald - Evinrude
John McIntire - Rufus
Bill McMillan - TV Announcer
Jeanette Nolan - Ellie Mae
Geraldine Page - Madame Medusa
Dub Taylor - Digger

Song Lyrics
The Journey
Rescue Aid Society
Tomorrow is Another Day
Someone's Waiting for You


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