The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon section based on Kenneth Grahame`s short story of the same name first published in Dream Days (1898)
Release: 20-Jun-1941
"The Reluctant Dragon" consist of animated and live action fragments - For the most part this is Walt Disney's first live action film.

Baby Weems section:
Gerald Mohr - Narrator
Leone LeDoux - Baby Weems
Raymond Severn - also Baby Weems
Ernie Alexander - Johns Weems
Linda Marwood - Mrs. John Weems
Art Gilmore - F. D Roosevelt
Edward Marr - Walter Winchell
Old MacDonald Duck section:
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck
How to Ride a Horse section:
John McLeish - Narrator
Pinto Colvig - Goofy
The Reluctant Dragon section:
J. Donald Wilson - Narrator
Barnett Parker - Dragon, Father
Claud Allister - Sir Giles
Billy Lee - Boy
Live action sections:
Robert Benchley, Frances Gifford, Buddy Pepper, Nana Bryant, Florence Gill, Clarence Nash, Norm Ferguson, Ward Kimball, Jimmy Luske, Alan Ladd, Truman Woodworth, Hamilton MacFadden, Maurice Murphy, Walt Disney, numerous Disney employees.

Boy from "Reluctant Dragon" - model sheet

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