Lady and the Tramp

Based on a story by Ward Greene
Release: 16-Jun-1955
It was filmed in CinemaScope.
Released on video in oct. 1987.

Peggy Lee - Darling, Si, Am, Peg
Barbara Luddy - Lady
Larry Roberts - Tramp
Bill Baucom - Trusty
Verna Felton - Aunt Sarah
George Givot - Tony
Lee Millar - Jim Dear, Dog Catcher
Bill Thompson - Bull, Dachsie, Jock, Joe
Stan Freberg - Beaver, Pet-store Clerk
Alan Reed - Boris
Dallas McKennon - Toughy, Professor Pedro
The Mello Men - dogs in pound

Song Lyrics
Bella Notte
The Siamese Cat Song
He's a Tramp

Lady - with signatures of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson
Tramp - with signatures of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson
Lady and the Tramp

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