Based on Dumbo the Flying Elephant by Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl
Release: 23-Oct-1941
Costed US$812,000 to make, but made a profit of US$850,000
In 1942 "Dumbo" won An Academy Award for the best Scoring of a Musical Picture
Released on videocassete in 1981 (and rereleased in 1984 and 1986)
Released on LaserDisc 27-Jun-1997

Tape annotation
One of Walt Disney's most endearing animated films is the story of Dumbo, the baby elephant born with oversized ears. Snubbed and ridiculed by all the other circus animals, he is befriended by Timothy, a small but spirited mouse. After several disastrous performances under the big top with the other circus stars, Timothy launches a daring plan; Dumbo will become the world's only flying elephant!

Herman Bing - Ringmaster
Billy Bletcher - clown
Edward [Ed] Brophy - Timothy Mouse
Jim Carmichael - crows
Cliff Edwards - Jim Crow
Verna Felton - elephant
Noreen Gamill - elephant
Hall Johnson Choir - crows
Eddie Holden - clown
Sterling Holloway - Stork
Malcolm Hutton - Skinny
The King's Men - Roustabouts
John McLeish [John Ployardt] - Narrator
Harold Manley - Boy
Tony Neil - Boy
Dorothy Scott - elephant
Sarah Selby - elephant
Billy Sheets - clown Joe
Charles Stubbs - boy
Margaret Wright - Casey Jr.

Song Lyrics
Baby Mine
Casey Junior
When I See an Elephant Fly

Timothy Mouse - prodiction drawing

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