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Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears


script (illustrated version 2.5)

Disclaimer: This script is taken from numerous viewings of the cartoon and is not an official script by all means. Portions of this script are copyrighted by Walt Disney Company and are used without permission.


(in order of appearance of the voices)

ZummiPaul Winchell
GruffiCorey Burton
CubbiNoelle North
CavinDavid Faustino
GrammiJune Foray
ToadieCorey Burton
Gad (purple ogre)Will Ryan
Zook (green ogre)Will Ryan
Sir Plucky???
Sir Blastus???
Sir Gumlittle???
GustoRob Paulsen
SunniKatie Leigh
Arte DecoBrian Cummings
Duke IgthornMichael Rye
Cauncellor WooddaleJune Foray
Councellor Berrybaum???
Knight with moustaches???


[First we see a picture which shows a road with Gummi Bears lined up on their carts (with small hairy unicorns used as horses), the picture becomes animated and the carts move]
Voice of Zummi:
And so the Gummi Bears decided to leave before the jelousy of the Humans forced them into war.
[Arrows shoot wooden weel of one cart and a human army is shown above on a cliff]
But some Men were too greedy to let them go in peace. They demanded all the Gummi secrets for themselves
[The human leader gives the sign and the army rushes forward, Gummi Bears scatter at their approaching, one Gummi trips and falls down, a man raises a mace and suddenly gets tied up by a rope.
We now see three Gummi knights]
Only one group stood in their way. The courageous and daring Knights of Gummadoon
[The animated image with three knights becomes an illustration on a book again, the page turns and we see the knights beating up the humans]
who were led by the greatest knight of them all, Sir Plucky
[The page turns again and we see departing Gummi ships and a group of knights that stays on the shore.
Picture becomes animated again]
They saved the rest of the Gummies, but their own escape was cut off.
[Knights ride through a gate into a city]
They retreated into Gummadoon
[A grate falls, closing the gate, we can see gummi wizards standing on top of a wall in a process of casting some spell]
where their wizards woven master spells that made the entire castle vanish!
[The men below look stunned by the light and when they look again, there is just bare ground. The image once again becomes a picture in the book]
Only to return for one day every hundrend years when the stars are correctly aligned.
[Zummi closes the book. We can now see that he was reading it for all the Gummies gathered around the fireplace in the Main Hall of Gummi Glen: Cubbi and Sunni sitting on the floor, Tummi eating, Grammi sewing, Gusto with Arty, Gruffi, and Cavin just sitting in chairs]
Just as they are tonight.
Gummadoon... The home of the Gummi way... Uh, pretty good story for a fairy tale
[Grammi in background laughs]
Cubbi (who was sitting on the floor with his wooden sword in paw):
What do you mean "fairy tale"? The knights of Gummadoon were real! Weren't they, Zummi?
[Tummi in background stops eating]
Er, well, I am not sure, Cubbi. But most of our gummi-legends are at least based on facts.
[Cubbi jumps up to his feet, swinging his wooden sword. Sunni in the background looks surprized]
See? I told ya!
[he stands up, runs to Cavin, scaring Arty, and sticks his sword into a pillow which Cavin raised to protect himself]
Oh please, spare me, mighty knight!
Mercy? For a traitorous human? Never!
[Gruffi in background is asleep]
Ohh, those silly stories of yours always get the children wild up
[Zummi who gives Grammi a mean look, and who was also relaxing in a chair almost falls of from hearing a crashing sound, Cavin with a pillow is fighting Cubbi who is sitting on Tummi's neck, some gummi berries and a dish are on the floor besides them]
All right, pack it in, it's almost bed time!
Hey, ooofff!!!
[Cavin swings with his pillow and they all three fall on Gruffi. Gruffi lies knocked out]
Cavin (standing up)
Um, I think this might be a good time for me to leave..
Cubbi (with his hat sideways and looking scared, gets down from Tummi who is on top of Gruffi, and walks away slowly)
Yeah, I'll walk you home

[Forest, evening, Cubbi and Cavin walk along a forest road]
Wouldn't it have been great if Gummadoon was more then just a legend?
Yeah. A castle full of knights who..
[They see shining light ahead]
What's that?
[Fog comes from that direction]
Let's find out!
[They run into the fog]
Cubbi (with a suddenly sleepy voice)
See anything yet?
Cavin yawns
No. This wierd fog is too thick
Uh, I am getting tired. Maybe we better...
[They both fall asleep]

[Day, Cavin and Cubbi are awakened by a sound of Toadie and a group of Orges]
Just what Duckey always says. The early Ogre gets the worm!
Why we want worm?
Yeah, we already.
[Cubbi sits up, gets a gummiberry juice bottle and drinks it]
Gummiberry juice!
Toadie (before Cubbi bounces him)
Get that Gummi!
[Cavin gets his bottle, but before he could drink it, Gad picks him up, bottle falls down and breaks]
Hey, put me down!
Him no Gummi Bear
Not worm, either
[Ogre throws Cavin away and he flies until he disappears behind the trees]
Cubbi (watching Cavin's flight)
Well, at least he got away
[Cavin smacks into a tree trunk and falls on a low branch, knocked out. Cubbi continues bouncing from Ogres, making them run one into another]
Stop Gummi!
He too fast to catch!
Then throw something at him
[Ogres scratch their heads and then take Toadie and throw him at Cubbi, Toadie hits Cubbi who falls down knocked out]
I do it! Toadie bring down Gummi by himself!
Voice of Sir Plucky:
And now you'll pay for that black deed!
[Cubbi opens his eyes weakly and sees a dim image of the Knights of Gummadoon, who are mounted on small hairy unicorns]
You aren't facing a defenseless cub now!
Toadie (running back to the other Ogres)
Save me, guys
Oh boy, it clubberith time!
[Sir Plucky gives a sign and the group of the knights charges against the Ogres]
Cubbi (who fully came up now)
I don't believe it!
[Knights of Gummadoon take out all the Ogres]
Sir Plucky takes Toadie by the end of his all-purpose staff and throws:
A present, Sir Blastus
Sir Blastus catches Toadie and spins above his head:
Merci, Capitan. So, zey make Ogres in my size now? Hey Gumlittle!
Sir Gumlittle (putting Toadie into a hollow stump)
Ha ha, this almost take the challenge out of it!
[Fight continues, at one moment Sir Plucky dismounted gets surrounded by Ogres]
You not get away now
Cubbi bounces up,
I gotta help him
[An Ogre catches Cubbi on the flight]
Sir Plucky:
I'd love to stay for the party, lads
[he drinks his gummiberry juice]
but I see someone else who'd like to dance
[He bounces, hitting all the Ogres around and knocking them down, one which was holding Cubbi also lets him fall]
Cubbi on the ground:
Sir Gumlittle:
All right, Gummies, send them to slumber land!
[Knights take their all-purpose staff narrow ends to their mouths and blow, a familiar fog appears from their wide ends.
All Orges fall asleep]
Cubbi (running to the knights)
Oh, Gummi Knights, I gotta talk to them...
[He falls asleep too]
Toadie (in a tree stump)
Dukey gonna wanna know about this
[Knights come close to Cubbi]
Sir Plucky:
The boy certainly showed spunk
Sir Blastus:
Oui Sir Plucky. Somebody have raised him well.

[Bushes, Gummi bears searching for Cubbi walk out of them one by one]
I'll tan his hide till his fur glows! He knows better then to stay out all night
I just wanna know he is safe
Oh, come on Grammi, it's just boyish highjinces he and Cavin are probably camping somewhere.
You think so Gusto?
Sunni (who gets slapped in the face by a bush branch while walking out of it)
He probably been sleeping in Dunwyn Castle while we've been trudging around the woods all night
[Zummi comes out without saying anything. All Gummies are now standing in a forest clearing. They see Arty flying]
Now what?
[Arty crashes into Gruffi]
Arte Deco:
Hurry, hurry, over the hill! It's big, it's, it's!
[Gummies run after Arty]
What's the matter with you?
[They see Gummadoon Castle surrounded by blueish glow]
Gruffi gasps
By the Great Book
Oh my goodness
What is it?
Gruffi: (looking stunned)

[Gummadoon is now shown through a spyglass]
Voice of Toadie:
Whole castle filled with nasty bouncing Gummies!
[We can see now that it is Duke Igthron is looking through the spyglass and Toadie is standing with the hollow tree stump still on him]
Where Dukey think it come from?
Who cares! Just look what's in it!
[Igthorn sees mostly giant arbalets, some strange machinery and floating airships]
With weapons like that I wouldn't have to stop at Dunwyn, I could rule the world!
[Toadie looks back at the ogres who laugh]
I think Dukammodo been sun too long
What? You scuterganing moss heads dare question me?
[Igthorn hits Toadie with the spyglass, which breaks Toadie free from the tree stump and breaks the spyglass]
Go back to Drekmore and get those muclebound nimnals ready for some heavy duty destruction.
[he throws Toadie at Gad and looks into broken spyglass]
We wouldn't want our new neighbours to feel ignored.

[Gummadoon main gate, Glen Gummies come to the doors]
Gosh, Zummi, it's just like your stories
[The doors open before them]
No. It's better.. much better
[pan around Gummadoon showing various scenes of prosperious Gummi settlement everyday life.
A old Gummi woman in medieval clothing and with a Gummi medallion comes to Glen Gummies]
Greetings fellow Gummies, welcome to Gummadoon. We've been expecting you
How could you? We don't know anyone here, um, your highness?
I am cauncellor Wooddale. We better hurry, they are waiting with ceremony
What ceremony?
Please, I'd hate to ruin a surprise
[They pass a Gummi magician who performs a magic trick Yen Sid performed in Disney's animated feature Fantasia (sorcerer apprentice sequence), crowd cheers]
Hey, I love surprises
Me too, and I smell a great one
Wooddale, frustrated with the speed of walking:
Oh, this won't do. I so hate to be late. Gather around, Gummies.
Lumift Umus Tumo Qumick Cumar!
[Wooddale and Glen Gummies rise into air, including Tummi who was just going to take a big cake]
Voice of, I think, Zummi:
My goodness, would you, I don't believe it
[They land into a gummi machine which works like a quickcar, but is shaped like a swan]
Wooddale (fastening her seat belt)
Buckle up and we'll be off
[She notices Tummi looking longingly at the cake below and a Gummi who is holding it is looking at Tummi too. Wooddale waves her fingers and the cake teleports to Tummi's lap. They are off]
Look at it Grammi. A whole city of Gummies
Sunni (scared, sitting near Wooddale who is perfectly calm):
Look out! The track stops!
[Their swan-like quickcar jumps into the air, speads its wings and flies, Sunni keeps her eyes covered untill it enters the Council Tower through a window near roof.]
Oh, pity, we've missed most of it!
[Far below Gummi Council is performing a ceremony of Knighing]
And so because of your display of courage and daring in the face of overwhelming The Council of Gummies named you a full Knight of Gummadoon for a day with all the rights and privileges of that rank. Arise and take your staff, Sir Cubbi.
[The Glen Gummies were floating down by Wooddale's magic during this speech and touched the floor at the last words]
All Glen Gummies:
Sir Cubbi??
Cubbi (in knight outfit, with staff turns back and waves)
Hi guys!
[He then runs to them and hugs Grammi]
Cubbi, we are so glad to see you!
I don't know how it happened, but we are pround of you, kid.
Sir Plucky:
And you have every right to be
Sir Blastus:
Oui, ze little fellow has a lot of spirit
Sir Gumlittle:
Why, we saw him stand off a gang of ogres single-handed!
Oh, I wasn't alone, Sir Gumlittle
Sir Plucky
We could have used him in the battles with those traitorous humans
Cavin was (quieter) um.. with me

[Cavin at these words wakes up on a branch somewhere in the forest and touches his head]
Uh.. what hit me?
[branch breaks and he falls on the ground]
If it's not one end (he rubs his head), it's the other (he rubs his bottom)... Oh my gosh, Cubbi! I got to get help!

[Cavin gets into Main Hall through the secret entrance]
Gruffi! Zummi! Cubbi's in trouble!
[He enters the kitchen]
Grammi? Is anyone here?? What if the Ogres got them all? I got to help them! Get some juice..
[he finds a small barrel of juice]

[In the forest, Cavin emerges from a gummi-exit camouflaged as a tree stump, as he does, his juice barrel falls on the ground and rolls away]
Now, I just find the Gummies
[Two ropes fly and tie him up]
Hey! What do you..
Knight with moustaches:
I see the Humans are just as greedy as ever! Well this time, human, you'll pay! Get him!
[They (knight with moustaches and two small knights) take Cavin away. Toadie and the Ogres appear from behind the bushes]
Who there? Thought I heard those nasty gummi bears. Probably ran in fright of me.
[He stumbles on the gummiberry juice barrel Cavin dropped]
What's this? Gummibery juice?!

[Meanwhile in Gummadoon, Cubbi is participating in some knights training with Sir Plucky]
Grammi (to Tummi, who is eating)
He shouldn't be doing this. You know he didn't have a proper breakfast this morning.
Ah, he's doing great. Could you pass me another berry kbob?
Sir Blastus (touching Sunni's paw, who is surprised by the attention)
Ah, mon petit Sunnee, you are more dazzeling then your namesake in the sky above
[He kisses Sunni's paw and she giggles]
Yeah right, um, could I have my hand back now?
[Sunni pulls her paw back and moves alittle.]
[Cubbi jumps over Sir Plucky using the multi-purpose staff as jumping pole and punches him in the back]
Gruffi (watching the training with Gusto and Gumlittle)
Did you see that pole vault Gumlittle? You know, I trained that kid myself
[Cubbi looses his attention, and balance, and the spinning thing takes him off the fighting beam and throws into a water-trough from which a unicorn is drinking]
Gusto (to Gruffi)
Yeah, you know I thought I recognised your technique
[Gumlittle laughs and occasionally pushes Gruffi and Gusto off the bench,
Cubbi takes off his helmit to let water out of it and the unicorn whinnies and licks Cubbi]
Sir Plucky:
Well done, Sir Cubbi
You don't have to rub it in.
Sir Plucky (picks up and helps Cubbi out of the water)
No, I meant it. That pole vault trick of yours showed real ingenuity If you would been with us when we stood against the Humans perhaps they would fled across the sea
But not all humans are bad
Knight with moustaches:
Bad enough lad, and they haven't changed their ways in 500 years
[he shows and we see Cavin tied up and gaged on a unicorn guarded by two small knights]
I trust we have plenty of room in the dungeon for a spy

[Gummadoon Council Tower, Glen Gummies are standing before the Council]
Nothing we've seen makes us believe that Humans have changed
You said yourself that the Ogres you fought were sent by the human Igthorn
Cubbi (without helmit now and onward):
But Cavin isn't a spy! He's our friend.
Berrybaum: (as the entire Council stands up):
The decision of the Council is final. The prisoner will remain in the dungeon. It is the Gummi way.
No! It's not fair!
[Council departs]
Cubbi, don't
I don't think it's fair either
These are the Ancient Gummies. We have to follow their laws
Cubbi (in cracked voice, with tears rolling down his cheeks)
You don't care! You think all humans are stupid!
No wait, I, I..
You can stay and talk. I am gonna find a way to help Cavin myself!
[Cubbi leaves]
Gruffi (in Cubbi's direction)
Cubbi, don't do anything foolish. Cubbi!

[Gummadoon dungeons, Cubbi and Tummi are going down a spiral stair]
Are you sure we're not being foolish? Maybe Cavin won't have to stay long
This is Gummadoon, remember? Every night lasts a hundrend years.
Wow. I wonder if they allow midnight snacks
[They peek at the dungeon cell, where Cavin sits, it's guarded by three knights that captured him]
If Cavin gonna get out it's up to us to rescue him
Look, there's the keys. Maybe we could sneak in and..
No Tummi. A true knight meets his foes openly!
Cubbi! What are you doing?
Cubbi jumps into the middle of the room:
Release the prisoner or face the consequences!
Cubbi? No!!
[Cubbi jumps yelling, a knight throws a rope at him with 2 red balls attached, which ties him up in the air and his flight trajectory changes so that he flies into Tummi's arms]
Knight with moustaches:
Interfering with a Council's directive is not a matter for playtime, you and your friend had best leave.
[Tummi's nose got into the wide end of Cubbi's staff, he sniffs and sneezes. the sleeping gas appears from the narrow end
and the three knights fall asleep]
Gosh, I didn't know it was loaded
Quick! Get the keys!
Don't do it Cubbi. you'll get in trouble
Cubbi (letting Cavin free, but still holding the keys)
Don't worry. After sunset this place will disappear for another hundrend years
[They exit a door outside]
We just have to find the way over the wall
[a swan-like quickcar filled with knights stops]
Oh no!

[in the dungeon Gruffi and Berrybaum are walking down the spiral stairs]
He is more the a friend to us, Councellor Berrybaum, Cavin gave us our gummi medallion.
I'll talk to him, but I promise nothing. We can't afford to repeat our past mistakes with the humans
[They see the open cell and three knights sleeping on the floor]
Sound up the alarm! The human has escaped!
[Berrybaum runs off, leaving Gruffi stunned at the sight]
Cubbi, you didn't

[outside, Tummi and Cubbi stand and whistle innosently, hiding Cavin behind their backs (Tummi's mostly) while that group of knights walks past them]
They are gone! Get into the quickcar. If we lucky we'll be out of here before they notice you are missing!
[They fasten the seat belts and a gong sounds off]
So much for luck
[Cubbi with a determined look on his face starts the quickcar]

[Below on the ground other Glen Gummies look around]
Oh my goodness, what's all the commotion?
There they are.. oops
[She closes her mouth with her paws, Grammi in the background also makes innocent face.]

[In the air, Cavin, Cubbi and Tummi are flying on the winged quickcar]
How are we supposed to turn this thing
[rope with weights on the ends thrown at them breaks a hole in one wing and the machine turns]
That seem to work.
[On the ground knights are spinning more ropes]
Please, you'll make them crash!
Sir Gumlittle:
I'm afraid that's the idea, milady
[he and Sir Plucky throw two more ropes. They make two more holes in the quickcar's wings and it gets into fast spin]
We gonna get down
[Cubbi and Tummi undo there seat belts and jump out of the car, Cavin can't open his. Cubbi and Tummi land into a hen house which stood right at the city wall (from inside) and the quickcar with Cavin leaves the Castle (it stabilized the flight, probably because Tummi left) and flies above the heads of the Ogres who are building something]
Cubbi, spitting feathers
Lucky we made a soft landing
I don't think the chickens thought so
I hope Cavin's all right
[Members of the whole council look very angry at both Cubbi and Tummi]
Don't worry about the humans, Sir Cubbi. The charge for aiding an enemy of Gummadoon is treason.

[In the forest, Ightorn and the Ogres walk to Cavin's crash site]
It was a flying machine, it landed over here
[Cavin runs away just in time]
Ahh, it's ruined! But no matter! I'll soon have a fleet of these things, once we break through those castle walls
[We see that Cavin overhears this from bushes]
That no problem now, oh ambitious master of mine! Toadie have gummiberry juice. Now dukey can conquer Dunwyn without bothering nasty bears
Gummiberry juice. At last! Conquer Dunwyn? That dump is small potatos. With the super-strength this will give my Ogres we'll squash those Gummi Bears and take all their secrets! And then the world is mine! ha ha ha ha

[Gummadoon, the square is cleared and surrounded by dense crowd of Gummies]
[Zummi holding back Grammi from punching Wooddale as she angerly yells at her]
I'll beat the starch out of your stuffied shirt if you think you gonna make Cubbi fight
He's just a kid
Gruffi says as he smacks his paw with a fist made with is other paw:
It is not a Gummi Way
[Cubbi is shown for the first time on the unicorn with Sir Blastus, and Tummi]
Sir Cubbi is a full knight of Gummadoon, if only for a day. It was his right to choose trial by combat to prove he is innocent. We must honour his choice.
[Cubbi is shown in full ammunition (with helmit) on a unicorn, Tummi hands him the gummi staff. Sir Blastus is checking the unicorn's ammunition]
Don't do it Cubbi. I don't mind being in trouble.
I shouldn't have made you help free Cavin. This is the only chance to save ourselves
But how much of a chance you have against Sir Plucky?
[We see Sir Plucky in a unicorn on the other side of the square, Sir Gumlittle hands him his staff]
Sir Blastus:
Be brave mon ami. I hope your human friend was worth it

[In the forest, super-strong Ogres are building catapults, one Ogre was carrying it when his juice weared out and it fell on him]
That gummiberry juice sure don't last long
It will last long enough to get us inside. Then we'll multch those bears into lawn food.
Cavin (hiding in the bushes):
I got to go back inside to warn the Gummies

Are you ready, Sir Cubbi?
As ready as I'll ever be
[Cubbi drinks his juice,
gong sounds, Sir Plucky lowers a transparent visor,
they charge, when their unirorns meat, they stop,
both knights bounce high up in the air, then swing their staffs and land back into the saddles.
Cubbi lands with his staff broken]

[Meanwhile in the forest, Cavin is getting on a catapult]

[back in Gummadoon, Cubbi stands dismounted and spins the gummi-rope above his head,
Sir Plucky rides at him with his staff ready]
Do it Cubbi!
[Sir Plucky catches the rope on his staff.]

[Meanwhile, Cavin gets on a catapult where a stone would go]
I sure hope there's something soft on the other side
[Cavin flies off]

[In Gummadoon]
Oh, this doesn't look good
It'd take a miracle to save him now
Arty (pointing at Cavin in the air)
Ahh, Incoming!!!
It's Cavin.
Gummiberry juice!
[they (Gusto, Zummi, Tummi, Gruffi) drink the juice and bounce in the air to catch falling Cavin]
Gruffi (adjusting his green hat)
Next time, warn us before you decide to drop in?
Sir Plucky:
Rather clumsy for a sneak attack
Sir Gumlittle:
I thought it was pretty clever for a human
[Cubbi runs through a crowd of both Gummi knights and Gummadoon residents, toward Cavin]
Cavin! Are you ok?
Cavin: (as he tells them the news, Wooddale is also seen standing near Zummi)
Outside! Duke Igthorn is attacking with an army of Ogres!

[Outside. Duke Igthorn and a line of Ogres with Gummiberry juice bottles {there couldn't come so much juice from that small barrel.. must have been a concetrate}]
First wave, take juice!
[Ogres drink juice and pick trees]
[They throw the trees over Gummadoon wall, some land on Gummadoon residents]
[Gusto grabs Sunni's right arm and pulls her away just as another tree comes over the wall, she is missed by inches and as she turns looks scared as her eyes open very wide]
To the battlements. Catapults, fire when ready!
[Gummi catapults with automated fire shoot many stones in a row, but the super-strong Ogres catch them and throw back at the castle]
Cubbi (to Cavin and Tummi as they run among falling stones)
Let's get up so we can see
Tummi, looking very scared as he runs, just barly being missed by the stones:
This isn't close enough?
[The juice wears out on the first wave of the Ogres and they get smashed by more stones from the catapult]
Looks like first shift finished, Ducommanta
Second wave!
[several gummies blow the sleeping gas from their staffs off the wall, but several ogres blow the cloud back at them and the gummies fall asleep]
Enough playing around, smash those doors!
[6 ogres drink juice and run at the doors, arranged in a wedge, but the doors open before them, they run in,
and get thrown out by a giant metal ball on some kind of a stick.
6 Gummi Knights charge]
Cubbi (from top of a wall)
Go get them knights!
[Knights throw their ropes and Ogres get tied up by their arms and legs]
Igthorn (on a catapult with several ogres):
Toadwart! You'll get us through that gate or I'll nail you to it!
Toadie says as he saultes Igthorn, looking a bit scared
Yes, oh most pessimisive one!
[Toadie drinks juice and pushes the catapult. It rolls towards the gate, the Knights disperse, but Sir Plucky's unicorn drops him, catapult is shown again, and then cut to Sir Plucky, looking a bit scared as he sees the catapult come closer Cavin swings down on a rope, which Tummi is holding attached to a flag pole, and saves Sir Plucky]
Sir Plucky:
The human?
[The catapult come closer, and the ogres and Igthorn eyes open very wide as they say together]
Igthorn and Ogres:
Whoww, owwww!!!!!!!
[catapult crashes at the doors]
Toadie opens his eyes:
At least I got them inside
[Ogres rase with pieces of wood now inside the castle]
Zummi reads a sheet of paper:
I'll blow them away with wind! Wumind rumise ummen blumow!
[a wind vortex appears, raises Cavin, Wooddale, Berrybaum, and Gruffi in the air and throws at some of the Orges. All looks dumbfounded, and then Wooddale adjusts her hat, and then casts an angry look at Zummi]
Well, it did stop them
[Two orges chase Grammi as she bounces at top speed]
Come on, boys, don't slow down now!
[The gong lowers down to the Ogres height and they smash into it face first and are knocked out cold.]
You, mashheads, quit playing around and brain those bears!
This looks like it calls for Sir Cubbi's special
Sir Plucky:
Just what I was thinking, lad
[they run, jump using their staffs like jumping poles and push Igthorn into a fountain]
You spoiled my plans, but at least I can rid the world of a couple of meddling gummi bears!
[Igthorn drinks the juice from the old bottomless barrel]
No! he's drinking the juice!
Sir Plucky hands a juice barrel to Cavin:
Then we'll have to fight fire with fire. Hey, lad?
Sir Plucky, what are you doing!?!
Not human!
[Cavin drinks the juice from the barrel, drops it, then picks up one of those poles that were spinning at knight training and throws it at Igthorn]
Heads up, Igthorn!
[the pole hits the piece of fountain Igthorn held in hands, it flies at the last three Ogres and throws them out of the gates. Second pole hits Igthorn and flies with him over the Gummadoon wall and disappears in the forest]
Noooo, Yahhhhh!!
[Sir Plucky, Sir Gummlittle, Sir Cubbi, Cavin and Gruffi are now seen cheering out loud in victory, the others can be seen in the background]

[Gummadoon Gate is being fixed my magic]
You see it's easy. Concentrate but stay relaxed
[Zummi stands with Wooddale, as we see waves of magic emit from their paws]
Oh yes, I can feel it.
You know you can stay with us if you wish. It must be lonely for you in this world
[on the left, Sunni and Sir Blastus are hugging each other, as she has a strange look on her face, as on the right Gummlittle has a gloved paw on Gusto's shoulder, and Tummi stands near him]
Our ancestors stayed behind to work for the day that the others could return and live with the humans in peace.
And that's what we've been doing.
That's the Gummi way.
Cubbi (without helmet, to Plucky, as he shakes his paw):
{at one moment Cubbi's gloves and sleeves disappear and then reappear again}
Thanks for teaching about me being a knight
Sir Plucky:
It was the two of you who taught us a lesson

Three cheers for these true knights of Gummadoon!
Sir Cubbi and Sir Cavin

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!

[as the knights say that, they disappear, {and Cubbi's gloves and tunic sleeves are missing again :), both Cavin and Cubbi watch as they dissapear, and then the City of Gummadoon is shown vanishing as well.]
[Animated picture turns into a book illustration
and the book closes]


Produced by Walt Disney Televistion Animation
Producers Tad Stones
Alan Zaslove
Associate Producer Tom Ruzicka
Directed by Alan Zaslove
Story Editor Tad Stones
Story by Bruce Talkington
Tad Stones
Teleplay by Tad Stones
With the Talents of Corey Burton
Brian Cummings
Jim Cummings
June Foray
David Faustino
Katie Leigh
Lorenzo Music
Alan Oppenheimer
Rob Paulsen
Will Ryan
Michael Rye
Paul Winchell
Assistant Producer Randy Chaffee
Storyboard Designers Hank Tucker
Rob LaDuca
Steve Gordon
Thom Enriquez
Key Layout Designer Ed Wexler
Key Background Stylist Gary Eggleston
Color Key Stylist Janet Cummings
Overseas Animation Supervisor Russel Mooney
Timing Directors Dave Brian
Jamie Mitchell Bob Zamboni
Managing Editor Rich Harrison
Supervising Editor Robert S. Birchard
Sound Editors Marc Orfanos
Karen Doulac
Assistant Editor Rick Hinson
Glenn Lewis
Track Reader Skip Craig
Production Archives Administrator Krista Bunn
Art Coordinator Karen Silva
Talent Coordinator Olivia Miner
Production Assistants Barbra Ebel
Wade Nassir
Luanne Wood
Post Production Manager Sara Duran
Post Production Supervisor Barbara Beck
Post Production Coordinators Jeffrey Arthur
Ken Tsumura
"Gummi Bears" Theme Words and Music by Silversher and Silversher
Music Composed and Conducted by Thomas Chase and Steve Rucker

Animation Production by TMS Entertanment Inc.
(c) 1990 The Walt Disney Company all rights reserved


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