The Rescuers Down Under

Release: 16-Nov-1990 (pre-release: 10-Nov-1990)
This is Disney's first official animated feature sequel.
It grosses US$28 million in its initial US release.
Released on video and laserdisc in October 1991

Bob Newhart - Bernard
Eva Gabor - Miss Bianca
John Candy - Wilbur
Tristan Rogers - Jake
Adam Ryen - Cody
George C. Scott - Percival McLeach
Frank Welker - Joanna, Marahute
Wayne Robson - Frank
Douglas Seale - Krebbs
Bernard Fox - Chairmouse
Bernard Fox - Doctor
Peter Firth - Red
Billy Barty - Baitmouse
Ed Gilbert - Francois
Carla Meyer - Faloo, Mother
Russi Taylor - Nurse mouse

Song Lyrics
No songs in this feature. (not counting McLeach's several somewhat singing lines)


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