The Nightmare Before Christmas

Release: 13-Oct-1993
Wonderful stop-motion animated feature, devised by Tim Burton when he was working as a Disney animator.
Released through Touchstone
Rated PG.

Danny Elfman - Jack Skellington (singing), Barrel, Clown with the tear-away face
Chris Sarandon - Jack Skellington (speaking)
Catherine O'Hara - Sally, Shock
William Hickey - Dr. Finklestein
Glen Shadix - Mayor
Paul Reubens - Lock
Ken Page - Oogie Boogie
Ed Ivory - Santa
Susan McBride - Big Witch, W.WD.
Derbi Durst - Corpse Kid, Corpse Mom, Small Witch
Gregory Proops - Harlequin Demon, Devil, Sax Player
Kerry Katz - Man under stairs, Vampire, Corpse Dad
Randy Crenshaw - Mr Hyde, Behemoth, Vampire
Sherwood Bail - Mummy, Vampire
Carmen Twillie - Undersea Gal, Man under bed
Glen Walters - Wolfman
Patrick Stewart - Narrator
Mia Brown, Ann Fraser, L. Peter Callender, Jesse McClurg, Jennifer Levey, Robert Olague, Elena Praskin, John Morris, Daamen J. Krall, David McCharen, Bobbi Page, David J. Randolph, Trampas Warman, Doris Hess, Christina MacGregor, Gary Schwartz - Additional Voices

Song Lyrics
This is Halloween
Jack's Lament
What's This?
Town Meeting Song
Jack's Obsession
Kidnap the Sandy Claws
Oogie Boogie's Song
Making Christmas
Sally's Song
Poor Jack


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