The Lion King
Release: 24-Jun-1994 (pre-release - 15-Jun-1994)
On its first weekend, it grossed US$41 million, a record for an animated film.
Released on video in February 1995. 20 million copies are sold in its first week.

Tape annotation
"The Greatest Wonder of All!" - Los Angeles Times
From the magnificient musical opening over breathtaking African vistas to its rip-roaring, emotionally charged climax, The Lion King reigns supreme as animation's greatest crowning achievement. Set amid the majestic beauty of the Serengeti, Disney's epic coming-of-age saga tells of the love between a proud lion ruler, Mufasa, and his son Simba - a naive and curious cub who "just can't wait to be king." Out from the shadows prowl Simba's envious Uncle Scar and his hyena henchmen. Their scheming for the throne leads to tragedy... and Simba's exile from the kingdom he should rightfully rule. Befriended by the warmhearted warthog Pumbaa and his manic meerkat companion, Timon, Simba forgets his regal responsibilities and adopts the carefree lifestyle of "Hakuna Matata." But can Rafiki, a wise mystic baboon, help Simba reclaim his true destiny in the "circle of life"?
With a #1 hit soundtrack featuring songs by Elton John and Academy Award - winning lyricist Tim Rice, and score by Hans Zimmer - and the greatest of voice-over stars ever assembled - The Lion King triumphs with animation described by the New York Daily as "no less then perfection... stunning!"

Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Young Simba {speaking}
Jason Weaver - Young Simba {singing}
Matthew Broderick - Simba {speaking}
Joseph Williams - Simba {singing}
Niketa Calame - Young Nala {speaking}
Laura Williams - Young Nala {singing}
Moira Kelly - Nala {speaking}
Sally Dworsky - Nala {singing}
James Earl Jones - Mufasa
Madge Sinclair - Sarabi
Jeremy Irons - Scar
Robert Guillaume - Rafiki
Rowan Atkinson - Zazu
Nathan Lane - Timon
Ernie Sabella - Pumbaa
Whoopi Goldberg - Shenzi
Cheech Marin - Banzai
Jim Cummings - Ed
Carmen Twillie - "Circle Of Life" lead vocals, "Circle Of Life" chorus
Lebo M. [Lebo Morake] - "Circle Of Life" African vocals
Zolile Zulu, Terry Young, Yvonne Williams, John West, Oren Waters, Maxine Waters, Luther N. Waters, Julia Waters, Sam Vamplew, Thandazile, Khuluiwe S'thole [Khuluiwe Sithole], Susan D. Stevens, Sindisiwe Sokhela, Kipizane Skweyiya, Happy Skhakhane, Alfie Silas, Philile Seme, Rick Riso, Phindile, Bobbi Page, Nini Nkosi, Bongani Ngcobo, Nandi Ndlovu, Bheki Ndlovu, Thembi Mtshali, Nonhlanhla Mkhize, Vusi Mhlongo, Batho Mhlongo, Myrna Matthews, Abner A. Mariri, Khanyo Maphumulo, Tsidi Manye, Rick Logan, Edie Lehmann, James Langa, Ron Kunene, Thembi Kubheka, Skhumbuzo Kubheka, Stella Khumalo, Faca Khulu, Sphiwe Khanyile, Faith Kekana, Bob Joyce, Kuyanda Jezile, Matoab'sane Jali, Clydene Jackson, Linda Gcwensa, Wendy Fraser, Kevin Dorsey, Gugwana Dlamini, Rick Charles, Baby Cele, Lucky Cele, Johnny Brit, Terry Bradford, Maxi Anderson - "Circle Of Life" chorus
Kristle Edwards - "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" vocals
Elton John - End title song vocals
Phil Spalding, Davey Johnston, Kiki Dee, Gary Barlow, Rick Ashley - End title song background vocals
Frank Welker, David Randolph, Phil Proctor, Linda Phillips, David McCharen, Daamen Krall, Cathy Cavadini, Judi Durand

Song Lyrics
Circle of Life
Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
Hakuna Matata
Be Prepared
I Just Can't Wait to be King
the pop version of `Circle of Life'
the pop (end title) version of `Can You Feel the Love Tonight?'
the pop version of `I Just Can't Wait to be King'


Simba (young)

Simba: I am so hungry I could eat a whole zebra

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