The Great Mouse Detective

Release: 02-Jul-1986
It was originally called "Basil of Baker Street"
It is released in the UK as "Basil: The Great Mouse Detective"
It brings in US$25 million in ticket sales
Released on video and laserdisc in November, 1992

Tape annotation
The glorious Disney tradition of brilliant animation, lovable characters and non-stop fun continues in the thrilling animated classic, Basil The Great Mouse Detective. Set in turn-of-the-century London, the story pits Basil of Baker Street - The Sherlock Holmes of the mouse world - against the diabolically demented arch-enemy, Professor Ratigan. The adventure begins when a little girl's father is kidnapped by the villainous Ratigan. That's when Basil, his bumbling sidekick Dr. Dawson and a lovable bloodhound named Toby embark on a rollicking, action-packed rescue mission that will delight the entire family for years to come.

Susanne Pollatschek - Olivia Flaversham
Barrie Ingham - Basil, Bartholomew
Vincent Price - Ratigan
Val Bettin - Dr Dawson, thug, guard
Alan Young - Hiram Flaversham
Candy Candido - Fidget
Eve Brenner - Queen Moustoria
Melissa Manchester - Dancing Girl (also wrote the song she sings)
Ellen FitzHugh - Barmaid
Darleen Chesney - Mrs Judson
[Phillip] Basil Rathbone - Sherlock Holmes
Laurie Main - Dr Watson
Shani Wallis - Lady Mouse
Wayne Allwine, Tony Anselmo, Walker Edmiston - thug, guards

Song Lyrics
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind
Goodbye So Soon
Let me be Good to You


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