Sleeping Beauty

Based on the traditional story as recounted by Charles Perrault (1628-1703) in Histoires ou Contes du temps passe (1697)
Release: 29-Jan-1959
It cost US$6 million to make, but only grosses US$5.3 million from ticket sales
It was filmed in CinemaScope, and released in wide-screen Technirama-70.
Released on video 14-Oct-1986
Released on laserdisc 28-Feb-1987

Tape annotation
With brilliant animation, stunning medieval settings and extraordinary music adapted from Tchaikovsky's score, Disney's master storytellers transform the fairy tale of SLEEPING BEAUTY into a spectacular adventure of suspense, romance and fantasy.
Once upon a time lived a beautiful princess named Aurora - destined by a terrible curse to prick a finger on a spindle and fall into an eternal sleep. But Aurora's three hilarious fairy godmothers have discovered a way to break the spell. One kiss from the valiant Prince Phillip can awaken the sleeping princess, but first he must face the terrifying wrath of the most evil and wicked sorceress of all, Maleficent!

Mary Costa - Princess Aurora/Briar Rose
Eleanor Audley - Maleficient
Barbara Luddy - Merryweather
Taylor Holmes - King Stefan
Bill Shirley - Prince Phillip
Verna Felton - Flora
Barbara Jo Allen - Fauna
Bill Thompson - King Hubert
Candy Candido, Pinto Colvig, Bob Amsberry - Maleficent's Goons
Dallas McKennon - Owl
Marvin Miller - Narrator

Song Lyrics
Once Upon A Dream
I Wonder


Sleeping Beauty
Maleficient and Prince Phillip

Merryweather's gift
The Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure...

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