Robin Hood

Release: 08-Nov-1973
Released on video in 1988 and 1991
Released on laserdisc in 1991

Phil Harris - Little John
Brian Bedford - Robin
Pat Buttram - Sheriff of Nottingham
Candy Candido - Crocodile
Ken Curtis - Nutsy
Andy Devine - Friar Tuck
Monica Evans - Maid Marian
John Fiedler - Church [Sexton] Mouse
Dana Laurita - Sis
George Lindsey - Trigger
Barbara Luddy - Mother Rabbit
Roger Miller - Allan-a-Dale
J. Pat O'Malley - Otto
Richie Sanders - Toby Turtle
Carole Shelley - Lady Kluck
Terry-Thomas - Sir Hiss
Peter Ustinov - Prince John, King Richard
Billy Whitaker - Skippy
Dora Whitaker - Tagalong

Song Lyrics
Not in Nottingham
The Phony King of England

Friar Tuck
Robin Hood trapped

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