Release: 23-Jun-1995

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Disney's most beautifully animated masterpiece boldly brings to life a fun-filled adventure of hope, courage and friendship. True to the spirit of every Disney classic, Pocahontas became the #1 family film of the year - bursting with all the "colors of the wind"!
Along Virginia's lush tidewaters, Pocahontas, the free-spirited young daughter of Chief Powhatan, wonders what adventures await "just around the riverbend." In sails the gold-loving Governor Ratcliffe, with his pampered pug Percy and a shipful of English settlers - led by their courageous Captain John Smith.
Joined by her playful pals Meeko, a mischievous racoon, and feisty hummingbird, Flit, Pocahontas relies on the lively wisdom of Grandmother Willow. A chance meeting with Captain Smith leads to a friendship that will change history, as the Native Americans and English settlers learn to live side by side.
Featuring #1 hit soundtrack that teams Academy Award - winning composer Alan Menken with Broadway veteran Stephen Schwartz - and an all-star voice cast - Pocahontas surrounds you with the riches of "another glowing winner in Disney's animated hit parade!" (San Francisco Chronicle)

Irene Bedard - Pocahontas {speaking}
Judy Kuhn - Pocahontas {singing}
Mel Gibson - John Smith
Russell Means - Chief Powhatan {speaking}
Jim Cummings - Chief Powhatan {singing}, Kekata {singing}
Gordon Tootoosis - Kekata (speaking)
James Apaumut Fall - Kocoum, chorus
David Ogden Stiers - Governor Ratcliffe, Wiggins
Christian Bale - Thomas
John Kassir - Meeko
Danny Mann - Percy
Frank Welker - Flit
Michelle St John - Nakoma
Linda Hunt - Grandmother Willow
Billy Connolly - Ben
Joe Baker - Lon
Bobbi Page - The Wind (in "Listen With Your Heart"), chorus
Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band, Gayle Melassa Pope, Rebecca (Dasse Manitsa) Hawkins, Lesa Wakwashbosha Green, Ginny Ah'chantooni Frazier, Stephen Snow Owl Bunch, Richard A. [Bear Coat] Bercot - Algonquin Singer/Speaker
Lee Wilkoff, Molly Wasserman, Mark Waldrup, Annie Sutton, Gordon Stanley, Peter Samuel, Patrick Quinn, Richard Warren Pugh, Caroline Peyton, Wilbur Pauley, Bruce Moore, Bill McKinley, Rob Lorey, Alix Korey, Joan Henry, Ray Harrell, Randy Hansen, Larry Hansen, Chris Groerendaal, David Friedman, Larry French, Merwin Foard, Bruce Fifer, George Dvorsky, Jonathan Dokuchitz, Albert [Al] deRuiter, Liz Callaway, Scott Barnes, Joan Barber, Gerard Alessandrini - chorus
Vanessa Williams - End title song vocals ("Colors Of The Wind")
Shanice, John Secada - End title song vocals ("If I Never Knew You")

Song Lyrics
Colors of The Wind
If I Never Knew You
Listen With Your Heart
Mine, Mine, Mine
Just Around the Riverbend
Savages(part 1 and 2)
Steady as the Beating Drum
The Virginia Company

Pocahontas and Meeko
Pocahontas and John Smith

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