Oliver and Company

Based on the book "Oliver Twist"
Release: 18-Nov-1988
It cost US$18 million to make, and sold US$53 million in ticket sales, a record for animated films
Released on video in 1996

Ruben Blades - Vocals ("Buscando Guayaba" - also wrote song)
Roscoe Lee Browne - Francis
Dom DeLuise - Fagin
William Glover - Winston
Natalie Gregory - Jennifer {speaking}
Myhanh Tran - Jennifer {singing}
Billy Joel - Dodger
Joey Lawrence - Oliver
Huey Lewis - Song Vocals ("Once Upon a Time in New York City") Robert Loggia - Sykes
Cheech Marin - Tito
Bette Midler - Georgette
Richard Mulligan - Einstein
Ruth Pointer - Rita {singing}
Sheryl Lee Ralph - Rita {speaking}
Carl Weintraub - DeSoto
Taurean Blacque - Roscoe

Song Lyrics
Good Company
Once Upon a Time in New York City
Perfect Isn't Easy
Streets of Gold
Why Should I Worry?
Buscando Guayaba

Jenny and Oliver

Dodger: Absitively Posolutely!

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