Beauty and the Beast

Release: 22-Nov-1991 (pre-release 15-Nov-1991)
It cost US$30 million to produce. In its first 42 weeks of its US release, it grosses US$145 million
Released on video 30-Oct-1992. One million copies were sold by the end of the first day.
In 1992 the film won Academy Awards for Best Original Score, and Best Song.
It is the first animated film to be nominated for Best Picture.
Released on laserdisc 29-Sep-1993

Paige O'Hara - Belle
Robby Benson - Beast
Richard White - Gaston
Jerry Orbach - Lumiere
David Ogden Stiers - Cogsworth, Narrator
Rex Everhardt - Maurice
Bradley Michael Pierce - Chip
Jesse Corti - LeFou
JoAnne Worley - Wardrobe
Angela Lansbury - Mrs Potts
Brian Cummings - Stove
Kimmy Robertson - Featherduster
Alvin Epstein - Bookseller
Alec Murphy - Baker
Hal Smith - Philippe [Horse]
Tony Jay - Monsieur D'Arque
Frank Welker - Otto [Footstool], vocal effects
Kath Souci [Kath Soucie], Mary Kay Bergman - Bimbettes
Stephen Sturk, Gordon Stanley, Stephanie Ryan, Cynthia Richards-Hewes, Phil Proctor, Patrick Pinney, Caroline Peyton, Wilbur Pauley, Jennifer Perito, Panchali Null, Larry Moss, Mickie T. McGowan, Sherry Lynn, Hearndon Lackey, Phyllis Kubey, Alix Korey, Mary Ann Hart, Randy Hansen, Larry Hansen, Johnson Flucker, Bruce Fifer, Bill Farmer, George Dvorsky, Albert [Al] deRuiter, Jennifer Darling, Margery Daley, Philip Clarke, Liz Callaway, Maureen Brennan, Scott Barnes, Jack Angel, Bruce Adler
Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson - End title song vocals

Song Lyrics
Beauty and the Beast
Belle(with reprise)
Be Our Guest
Gaston(with reprise)
The Mob Song
Something There



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