Based on Felix Salten`s book Bambi (1929)
Release: 13-Aug-1942
It costed US$1.741 million to make.
Released on videcassette in 1989, 10.5 million copies were sold, bringing in US$168 million.

Tape annotation
Acknowledged for generations as one of Disney's greatest animated Classics, this heartwarming story of the newborn "Prince of the Forest" is a wonderful experience. As Bambi learns to walk, talk and make friends with the other animals, including the bashful skunk Flower and a fun-loving rabbit named Thumper, we discover the wonders of life and the beauty of nature. Fondly remembered as Walt Disney's favourite animated film, BAMBI is a funny, touching, timeless masterpiece that every child should grow up with.

Bobby Steward - Bambi
Donnie Dunagan - Bambi
Hardy Albright - Bambi
John Sutherland - Bambi
Paula Winslowe - Bambi`s mother
Cammie King - Faline
Ann Gillis - Faline
Mary Lansing - Aunt Ena, Mrs. Possum
Fred Shields - Prince of the Forest
Bill Wright - Friend Owl
Stanley Alexander - Flower
Sterling Holloway - Flower
Peter Behn - Thumper
Tim Davis - Thumper, Flower
Thelma Boardman - Mrs. Quail
Marjorie Lee - Mrs. Rabbit
Marion Darlington, Thelma Hubbard, Otis Harlan, Jeanne Christy, Janet Chapman, Bobette Audrey, Jack Horner, Francesca Santoro, Babs Nelson, Sandra Lee Richards, Dolyn Bramston Cook, Elouise Wohlwend

Song Lyrics
Love is a song
Little April Shower

Bambi - model sheet

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