Release: 25-Nov-1992 (pre-release - 11-Nov-1992)
It costed US$35 million to produce. It grossed US$215 million in theaters.
Released on video 18-Sep-1993
In 1993 Aladdin won Academy Awards for Best Song ("A Whole New World"), and Best Original Score.
Released on laserdisc 21-Sep-1994

Scott Weinger - Aladdin {speaking}
Brad Kane - Aladdin {singing}
Robin Williams - Genie, Trader [Narrator] {speaking}
Linda Larkin - Princess Jasmine {speaking}
Maria Lea Carmen I. Salonga - Princess Jasmine {singing}
Jonathon Freeman - Jafar
Gilbert Gottfried - Iago
Frank Welker - Abu
Douglas Seale - Sultan
Bruce Adler - Trader [narrator] {singing}
Jim Cummings - Head Guard
Aaron Blaze - Rajah
T. Daniel Hofstedt - Gazeem, Achmed
Chris Wahl, Phil Young - Guard
Yeardley Smith, Phil Proctor, Patrick Pinney, Sherry Lynn, Mickie T. McGowan, Vera Lockwood, Jerry Houser, Bruce Gooch, Debi Derryberry, Jennifer Darling, Philip L. Clarke, Corey Burton, Jack Angel, Charlie Adler - Additional Voices
Peabo Bryson, Regina Belle - End title song vocals

Song Lyrics
Arabian Nights
Friend Like Me
One Jump Ahead(and reprise)
Prince Ali(and reprise)
A Whole New World


Carpet Ride
Oh, Hello doctor

So why don't you just ruminate, whilst I illuminate the possibilities.

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