A Goofy Movie

Release: 07-Apr-1995
This is a sequel to TV show Goof Troop

Bill Farmer - Goofy
Jason Marsden - Max {speaking}
Aaron Lohr - Max {singing}
Jim Cummings - Pete
Kellie Martin - Roxanne
Rob Paulsen - PJ
Wallace Shawn - Principal Mazur
Jenna von O - Stacey
Tevin Campbell - Powerline
Pauly Shore - Robert Zimmeruski (Bobby)
Frank Welker - Bigfoot
Kevin Lima - Lester
Florence Stanley - Waitress
Jo Anne Worley - Miss Maples
Brittany Alyse Smith - Photo Studio Girl
Robyn Richards - Lester's Grinning Girl
Julie Brown - Lisa
Klee Bragger - Tourist kid
Joey Lawrence - Chad
Pat Buttram - Possum Park Emcee
Wayne Allwine - Mickey Mouse
Herschel Sparber - Security Guard
Dante Basco, Sheryl Bernstein, Corey Burton, Pat Carroll, Carol Holliday, Steve Moore, Brian Pimental, Jason Willinger, Elizabeth Daily - Additional Voices

Song Lyrics
After Today
I 2 I
Nobody Else but You
The Open Road
Lester's Possum Park
Stand Out


Max and Goofy
Max and Roxanne(and Stacy)

"My life's a living-" Lester: "Hel-lo little buddy!"

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